About 8tiquette

Because the world is more interconnected than ever, your social skills and knowledge of other cultures are key to your success. 8tiquette intends to enrich your life experiences by tapping into the world’s diverse cultural heritages. On this platform, you’ll find inspiring stories, tips and best practices for your professional and personal life.

Reveal your best self. Inspire others.

What 8tiquette stands for

The meaning of 8

The number 8 is one of the luckiest numbers in Chinese culture. Pronounced Ba, it sounds similar to the word 发 (Fa), which means “to make a fortune”. But that’s not exactly the reason for the 8 in 8tiquette. The shape of the number 8 reflects balance, equity and harmony. It also represents karma, you know… what goes around comes around. At last, an 8 on its side is like the mathematical symbol of infinity. Once you learn good manners, they stick with you forever. Oh, and I also think that the optimal number of guests around the dinner table is 8, but I’ll explain that in an upcoming blog post.

About the founder

Jessica Drolet

As a Canadian who lives in Vietnam, and who has visited over 30 countries, I feel privileged to have learned and to continue to learn from other cultures. My desire to bring people together around common interests, combined to my passion for etiquette and my professional experience brought me to create this website.

I hold a degree in Marketing Communications and have over five years of experience in that field, more specifically in public relations and social media. As a PR expert with a clear interest for social interactions, I was asked to comment on the importance of first impressions in La Presse, one of Canada’s largest newspaper.

A number of my posts will focus on Asia and North America. But I will try to seek as many experiences and expertise across the globe to bring light on cultural differences when it comes to etiquette. New tips and stories will be added on a regular basis. Please feel free to contact me for any suggestions or collaboration opportunities.


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